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Year 1 – Pine Class

Class Teacher: Miss Bensley
Teaching Assistant: Miss Jaura

Our topic is a ticket around the world!

We will be reading the story Ghanaian Goldilocks. In English, we will be learning lots of new vocabulary such as pigment, tussled, coils and multifunctional! We will also be looking at vocabulary linked to the Ghanaian culture such as Kente cloth, Jollof rice and Sankofa bird. We will be playing the Ghanaian game called Pombo and writing instructions. We will also be writing recipes and trying Ghanian foods. We will compare traditions and cultures to our lives in Thetford. We then write a non-fiction book comparing our book and the seven continents that we have learnt in Geography.   

In Science we will be learning about plants! We will be learning about what plants need to grow. We will also identify the different parts of a plants and what they do.  We will carry out investigations by planting seeds in different places and we will observe what happens over time. 

Our topic during Spring 2 was pollution solution! 


We read the story Tidy by Emily Gravett. We learnt about rhyming words and we listened out for elements of rhyme in our story. We learned new vocabulary from the story so that we could understand new words when reading. We developed our understanding of how we can look after our world. We developed our understanding of question marks by asking the characters questions in the story.  We continued to expand our understanding of non-fiction texts by writing a newspaper report about what has  happened. We also developed our stamina of writing at length by re-writing the story. 

In science our unit of work is: Taking care of the Earth

We learnt about why forests and trees are important. We considered how we can look after the earth by turning off lights and turning off taps.  We made posters to put around our school grounds! We developed our understanding of recycling, and we learnt about different types of pollution.  We went on a walk around our local area looked at our school grounds to check for litter! 

Our Topic during Spring 1 was:  Where do we live?

We have learnt about the United Kingdom. We have learnt about England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We explored different landmarks and became familiar with different flags. 

In English we read the story Katie in London. 

In our English lessons we learnt about Katie's journey through London. We explored transport in London, Trafalgar Square,  St Pauls Cathedral, River Thames and many other landmarks in London. We practised re-telling the story and wrote a diary entry about our travels. 


Our topic during Autumn 2 was all creatures great and small.

We read three animal stories!

We learnt all about pets and what they need to survive. We explored animals and how they adapt to their environments. As well as finding out lots of interesting animal facts!

In History, we learnt about kings, queens and leaders.

Our Pe days are still on a Tuesday and a Thursday. 

We have started two new and exciting units in PE which are gymnastics and sending and receiving a ball. 


Our topic during Autumn 1 was Once Upon a Story.

This half-term we will be reading the story Little Red Riding Hood. We will be using this story not only in our English lessons but we will also be linking the story to our science and geography knowledge. We will be learning about the human body by learning about our 5 senses and we will be finding out about our sight, sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing. We will be creating maps for Little Red Riding Hood and will be learning about aerial view. 

In Maths, we will be learning how to represent numbers, one more and one less, comparing numbers, ordering numbers and learning number bonds. We will be learning to use ten frames, part whole models and a variety of equipment to support our fluency in maths. 

In computing, we will be learning about E-safety. We will learn how to use technology safely, what personal information we shouldn't share, avatars and who we can go to for help if needed.

 This half-term in PE will be exploring jumping, hopping, skipping, and we will be combining these movements when using a rope. We will also be developing our accuracy when throwing and catching and when dribbling a ball with our feet.


Our PE days our Tuesdays and Thursdays.