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Values and Ethos

We provide a safe and inspiring school where everyone can thrive as individuals achieve dreams and build futures by learning together.

We Value Respect, Kindness and Fairness

Our vision statement has been written with the help of all members of the school community; it reflects our aims, ethos and values and it will inspire each and every one of us in our future development.

At Queensway Infant Academy and Nursery we provide a safe and inspiring school where everyone can thrive as individuals achieve dreams and build futures by learning together.  We will do this by taking pride in our inspirational teaching in order to provide a love of learning.  Our children will be encouraged to explore, have the confidence and curiosity to ask questions and to solve problems and respond to high quality feedback.  We will do this by ensuring we provide a vibrant and enriched curriculum, which follows the interests of the children and enables them to transfer their skills to all aspects of their learning. We will provide a range of inspirational learning opportunities, including visitors to the school, trips out of school and enrichment opportunities. To enable this we will ensure we deliver a fit-for-purpose educational setting that is well resourced and provides a safe and stimulating learning environment.

Our school will be a learning hub, where learning is promoted and valued by all stake holders.  We will engage with other learning institutions to support their students by providing an environment in which they can refine their skills and where we can learn from them.  Our parents will be provided with opportunities to extend their own learning as well as developing learning partnerships with the school so they feel confident to support their children.  We will all celebrate the fact that we are learners and provide outstanding role models for children.

Children will be encouraged to welcome challenge, take risks in their learning and to develop resilience so they are not frightened to make mistakes.  They will take ownership of their learning and be encouraged to be proud of their own achievements as well as the achievements of others.  Our high expectations will challenge all our children to be the best they can be.

We will strive to ensure we are an inclusive school that enables everyone to flourish regardless of background and also support the wellbeing of all by providing a secure, caring and nurturing school.  Especial care is taken to promote an ethos of respect and empathy where diversity is valued and celebrated.  Children are encouraged to be kind, fair responsible citizens.  As we are at the heart of the community we foster open and honest communication and actively seek to engage with all members of the wider Queensway family. We seek to provide a welcoming atmosphere in school so all children, staff, parents and visitors feel valued and can support each other to work together.  Our aim is for all children to leave Queensway School as confident individuals who have the skills to be lifelong learners, who are accepting of differences and promote our values of kindness, fairness and respect.  This will give them a strong grounding for future success.