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At Queensway Infant Academy, we aim to give all children a strong understanding of the world around them through developing and using a range of skills including observations, planning and investigations.

This is the intent for Science that we share with our children, so they understand why they are learning science:

Early Years

In Early Years at Queensway Infant Academy, we model our curriculum to help develop the foundations of our children's scientific knowledge and enquiry skills, which are:

  • asking simple questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways
  • observing closely, using simple equipment
  • performing simple tests
  • identifying and classifying
  • using their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions
  • gathering and recording data to help in answering questions

Below is a document that shows how we link science foundations into the curriculum, both knowledge and skills:


In KS1, when the subjects fit, we teach science in a cross curricular approach, linking the learning of science with other subjects. By teaching science in a cross curricular, we are giving the children a chance to learn the knowledge, and then apply that learning in other contexts, thus consolidating and building fluency into their learning. 

An example of this was the Year 1 Autumn 1 topic The Human Body, where the senses learning was linked with the English text Little Red Riding Hood, and having the right text makes cross curricular work.

This term KS1 are learning:

Year 1 - Spring 1

Year 2 spring 1