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Reception – Elm Class


Hello! Welcome to the Elm Class page, where you can find information about what we will be learning about this half term, Tapestry and much more!

Meet the Team

Teacher: Mrs Kerry Bartlett / Mrs Louise Norkett
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bartlett/ Mrs Norkett.

Special Educational Needs Support Teaching Assistants: Mrs Cheri, Miss Lisa Daly, Mrs Ana Costa


Our Amazing Learning 

Come and see some of the amazing learning that your children have been doing in Elm Class...

  Autumn Term          Spring Term


The Curriculum

In Elm class, we follow the EYFS framework, which focuses on developing the whole child. The children learn new skills, knowledge and understanding through 7 areas of learning. These areas are broken down into prime areas and specific areas. These areas are underpinned by the characteristics of effective learning:

Characteristics of Effective Learning                                                                                                                   
Playing and exploring - Engagement "Children investigate and explore things and have a go."
Active learning - Motivation "Children concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties and enjoy achievements."
Creating and thinking critically - thinking "Children have and develop their own ideas, make links between ideas and develop strategies for doing things."
EYFS Framework
Prime Areas Specific Areas

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


At Queensway, we use Tapestry, which is an online learning journal. You should have a login that allows you to look at everything your children have been learning, and also important messages from the teaching staff.

We would love you to add your own photos and share what you have been doing at home as well.

It is very important, and we hope you all login; if you have any problems, please ask the teaching staff or the office team.


Our topic this half term is: Let's Grow!

This half term we will be learning all about how animals, plants and humans grow and keep healthy!

First we will be learning what a life cycle is and how animals grow. We will be focusing on butterflies and chickens. Then we will be learning all about farm animals, how to describe them, what they need to grow and how we can care for them. We will then be going on a farm trip to learn hands on about farm animals, linking in the animal's life cycles. 

After that we will be learning all about plants and learning what the plants need to grow and the names of the parts of a plant.

Finally, we will be learning all about how humans grow and stay safe, this will be an exciting term!


The books we will be reading this half term are:



Our topic during Spring 2 was: Terrific Transport!

This half term we will be learning all about different types of transport! First we will learn their names, when each type of transport is used, who invented them, the main features of each type and how they have changed throughout time! Although we will be finding out about lots of different types of transport, we will be focusing mainly on trains, cars and planes. Once familiar with the different vehicles, we will learn how to keep safe on the roads.

It is going to be a wonderful half term!



We will be reading the following texts in class:



Our Topic during Spring 1 was: How the World Works

This half term we will be learning all about how the world works from important people to changes in the environment! First we will look at The Queen; what her name is, where she lives and what her job is! We will also be learning some important vocabulary about her, such as crown, throne and sceptre! We will then learn about the Prime Minister, finding out his name, where he lives and what he does for the Country.

After this, we will begin learning about environments. We will explore lots of different types, such as deserts and oceans for example, moving on to learn about how the environment can be damaged and what we can do to help save it!

It is going to be an exciting half term!


We will be reading the following texts in class:



Our Topic during Autumn 2 was: The Great Outdoors

This half-term we will be learning lots of amazing facts about The Great Outdoors. First, we will be learning all about the weather! What we mean by weather, the types of weather we have and finally, we will be delivering a weather forecast! We will also be learning all about the seasons. We will explore what is special about each season and making lots of arts and crafts to help this learning. Then, we will be learning all about explorers and the North and South poles! Finally, we will be learning all about light and dark. A busy but exciting half-term.


We will be reading the following texts in class:


Our Topic during Autumn 1 half-term was: Magnificent Me

This half-term we are learning all about our bodies! We will be learning how to describe ourselves, our families and all about the human life cycle. We will then be learning all about our senses, their names, the body parts associated with them and how we use our senses. Finally, we will be exploring our local environment and where we live


In Reception, children will learn through a mixture of play based learning and adult lead teaching tasks, which for this term will focus on:

Phonics - In Phonics we will be starting our journey to learn how to read, and will be learning some letter sounds from the alphabet.

English - In English we will be learning how to give meanings to our drawings before starting to learn how to write, which will include writing some of our newly learnt letter sounds to them, for example, if we draw a sock, we would write s.

Maths - In Maths this term, we will be learning the fundamental skills of counting, including 1-1 correspondence and the cardinality principle, before moving onto comparing two groups of objects.


This half-term we will be looking at the following texts: