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Pupil premium Strategy

The Government gives money to schools to help children from lower income families do their very best. This funding is called ‘Pupil Premium’.

At Queensway Infant Academy and Nursery we have a range of ways to support our children and these are detailed in our Pupil Premium Strategy.  This is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that we use the additional funding in the best ways possible to support our children.

Publicly-funded schools in England get extra funding from the government to help them improve the attainment of their disadvantaged pupils.

Evidence shows that children from disadvantaged backgrounds:

  • generally face extra challenges in reaching their potential at school
  • often do not perform as well as their peers

The pupil premium grant is designed to allow schools to help disadvantaged pupils by improving their progress and the exam results they achieve.

At Queensway Infant Academy and Nursery, our key objective is in using the Pupil Premium Grant is to narrow the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers, working towards ensuring that children from disadvantaged backgrounds have similar experiences to their peers, opportunities to have high expectations for their future career paths but also to ensure that children make accelerated progress. 

Through targeted interventions, we are working to eliminate barriers to learning and progress. For children who start with low attainment on entry, our aim is to ensure that they make accelerated progress in order to reach age-related expectations and above as they move through the academy. Systematic and rigorous data analysis provides further information as to how we target individual/groups of children and how the Pupil Funding is used.

Please refer to our parent guide link to see if your child is eligible for pupil premium.