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At Queensway Infant Academy, we learn how to use computers and how to use them safely.

At Queensway Infant Academy, we are developing and delivering an ambitious and progressive computing curriculum which provides learning opportunities and transferable skills that expand the enjoyments of learning with technology.


At Queensway Infant Academy, our curriculum is based around the skills of computational thinking, with units planned around the different skills and are progressive across the key stages. 


Computational skills in EYFS:

The characteristics of effective learning are an essential part of the EYFS curriculum that run through every strand of learning, including technology and computing. The main focus of computing in the EYFS will be to develop the foundations for these computational skills. Below is a table of these skills and how they link to the characteristics of effective learning, and as the children progress across the age bands, these skills will be being developed as well.

Computational skills in KS1:

The progression in these skills continues into KS1 and the modules of learning. In year 1, these skills are progressed across the year, whilst algorithms are introduced as a new skill. Whereas in year 2, these skills continue to progress across the year in the modules of learning, whilst introducing the new skills of abstraction and debugging in coding.

Progression map